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Glitter Tattoo Kit - Large - Professional Fundraising Pack



In this professional glitter tattoo kit, you will get the following....


124 glitter tattoo stencils*


15 x 5g pots of high quality body glitter in various colours


2 x 5ml bottle of cosmetic body glue with brush applicator


We will hand pick the very latest trends and fashionable stencils from our immense range to make sure you get exactly what people are going to want.


If it is correct at the time of sale we will also mix the stencils up with some Valentine, halloween or christmas ones for you.


*The stencils will consist of 100X girls and boys mix, things like princess & pirates, ladybirds, fairys, dragons,spiders,butterflies, hearts, stars etc etc - these will be all different sizes, 4cms - 7cms- making sure you have a great range to cover both smaller children and ones that have grown up a bit.


So if you are doing an all day fundraiser and looking to make some money this is the pack for you, containing all you will ever need to make that day memorable.

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